The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith

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The councilman agrees, leaving one of the team behind to witness it. Bill goes to Sookie and tells her to look him in the eyes. Eric approaches Alcide, bares his fangs and bites his finger to heal him with his blood. Then he glamours Alcide. He tells Alcide that he'll remember nothing of the evening, but he'll always protect Sookie with his life. Alcide drowsily agrees. Eric adds that Alcide will keep his hands off of Sookie, romantically speaking and, in fact, from this moment on he'll find Sookie a bit disgusting.

Bill tells Sookie that she'll remember nothing of the night, and nothing of him or Eric. It will be as though we never met, Bill tells Sookie. Bill is only pretending to glamour her, because as a faerie Sookie is immune. Bill tells Sookie to live her life as she was meant to live it, in the sun with others like her, as a human. Kibwe finds Doug with Russell's other victims. He tells them that he wishes to question them. At their request he promises to glamour their memories away. Luna and Sam are wheeled into the hospital - both alive.

Emma runs to a house as a wolf pup and yelps at the door. Martha Bozeman , her werewolf grandmother, opens it and takes her in. Hoyt finds Jessica sulking in the corner at Fangtasia and tells her that he knows that she still loves him.

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Jessica tells Hoyt that this is pathetic but Hoyt goes on, insisting that Jessica still cares for him. He inflames Jessica's anger and she jumps on him.

He asks her to glamour him, bite him, or do anything she wants to him. She says that he is not himself and leaves. Hoyt then gets up and yells out, "This is me, dammit!! Alcide drives Sookie home. He doesn't remember how they got there or understand why Sookie is crying. Kibwe puts Bill and Eric into the back of a truck and tells them that the Authority will be pleased that they captured Russell. They ask if this means they'll be pardoned, and he tells them it is in Lilith's hands.

As Bill and Eric are taken away, Kibwe moves to another truck, filled with Russell's victims and Doug. They beg to go home. Kibwe smiles and asks them to fasten their seatbelts. After they comply, he bares his fangs and, with lightning speed, zips through the vehicle slaughtering everyone. Jason seemingly awakens from a nap to see his father.

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He reminisces about his mother and father, remembering that his father always used to call him "champ," and that it made him feel good. His father smiles and listens as Jason says "I swear to God, and to you both, I'm going to find that vampire that killed you, and make him pay for what he did you our family. Alcide comes downstairs in the morning to find Sookie sitting alone in her kitchen.

He asks if she is OK, then has flashbacks of the two of them having sex. Alcide asks what happened, and Sookie tells him that stuff happened. He obviously doesn't remember anything, so Sookie reaches for him.

Hospitality, Rape and Consent in Vampire Popular Culture

Alcide recoils, and Sookie realizes what Eric did as part of his glamour. She then makes Alcide hold on to her hand and returns his memories of Russell and the asylum to him. Alcide suddenly recognizes one of the wolves as JD, flares up at the trouble Bill and Eric have caused and storms off. Sam visits Luna's bedside, just as Martha brings Emma to the hospital. Martha tells Luna that she doesn't want to compete with her or take Emma away, but just wants to be in her granddaughter's life. Luna tells Martha that someone is hunting shifters, and asks if she'll keep Emma safe. Martha agrees. Terry and Patrick drive away from Eller's compound.

Terry throws himself from Patrick's car and tries to run away. Patrick chases him down. Terry is terrified and tells Patrick that they are going to pay for their misdeeds. Lafayette is summoned to visit Ruby Jean. She tells him that Jesus Velasquez appeared to her too and wants to talk to him. Lafayette asks why she saw him, and she says that she doesn't know, adding that the electricity has always run through her. She tells him to save Jesus, sending him on his way with a few anti-gay epithets delivered in a loving voice. Sookie, Arlene and Holly complain about men at Merlotte's. Jason arrives to tell Sookie about the faerie nightclub.

Sookie commands Jason to take her to the location. Alcide returns to the Shreveport pack's barn, where Martha's husband JD is messing around with one of the younger females. She can use ESP and cast fireball, hold person, charm person or charm monster, suggestion and teleport at will. Three times a day she can cast lightning bolt and wall of fire. She can see perfectly in darkness of any kind. The First Witch was the first witch and can cast any witch spell. She cast spells as a 20th level witch but does not have any occult powers other than her magical abilities listed above. Lilith was the first human woman.

She rebelled against the gods that created her and now controls armies of demons. The gods won't work against her or strike her down because she knows all their True Names. Lilith has no true friends because most fear her. She is known to ally herself with the Goddess Ereshkigal since both have similar portfolios and areas of concern. Some even claim that Lilith spent some time as Ereshkigal's handmaiden. Appearance and Emissaries Lilith always appears as a young very attractive woman. Most often with long flaming red hair. It is claimed her true form is that of an ancient hag with long, but sparse wild black hair, talons, fangs and the feet of a predatory bird.

Either or neither could be her true form. Servants Lilith is typically honored by the Witches of the Mara Tradition.

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Naamah - Known as the Daughter of Lilith Naamah is either a demon, a human or something else. Her title as The Daughter of Lilith, as opposed to just a daughter of Lilith, is significant. She may be her first true daughter or she may be her first human daughter. Abyzou - Another daughter of Lilith. She is a powerful Lilitu Demon. She takes pleasure in possessing others and destroying them from the inside out. Possibly the offspring of Lilith and a Sun god. Camazotz - a Son of Lilith and the bloodthirsty god of Vampires. Some claim that his father may have been Orcus. The Chaos part should be obvious, she has rebelled against the entire universe.

While many of her actions are evil, she still kills babies, she is also a lot more complicated than that. Lilith has a high personal morality.

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She honors and keeps her friends and associates. You can trust that she will always do what is best for herself, but she also cares for her own "children" so she will protect them. Holy Texts As witches, the worshippers of Lilith hold their own Books of Shadows as their holy texts, but a few are are considered to be helpful in understanding Lilith. The Splendor - The foundation text on which many of the Gods of Light have based their own holy texts. The Splendor mentions Lilith as one of the first demons of darkness. For this reason, many religions will see Lilith as a threat to their religion.

The Enochian Tablets - More details on the life and rebirth of Lilith. Written in an ancient angelic script that is difficult for many sages to translate. Also discusses her relationship to the divine and the demonic. It also details the origins of Those Who Hunt the Night. Posted by Timothy S. Brannan at AM No comments: Links to this post. Email This BlogThis! Labels: demon , Lilith , Monstrous Mondays , witch. Haven't I done this before? She is just one of those subjects I never grow tired of talking about.

Obviously since I made her the cover of my Eldritch Witchery book. A faction all her own in the constant wars between the forces of good and evil. A complicated Goddess to be sure.

So here she is. In Petty Gods format. Though she is by no means a Petty God. She is actually something more than a demon, witch or goddess. She is Lilith. She is the mother of demon, having spawned so many, but she is also the mother of vampires and many say witches. It is claimed her true form is that of a ancient hag with long, but sparse wild black hair, talons, fangs and the feet of a predatory bird. Servants Naamah - Known as the Daughter of Lilith Naamah is either a demon, a human or something else.

Possiblly the offspring of Lilith and a Sun god. Combat Lilith never openly attacks. Her arena is intrigue, guile and deception. Why fight when a cup laced with poison or a dagger in the night are much quicker. If forced into combat she can summon pretty much any demon she likes save for the Baalor. If it comes down to it, Lilith can cast spells as 25th level Witch of the Demonic Tradition. You can trust that she will always do what is best for herself.

Brannan at AM 9 comments: Links to this post. Labels: A to Z Challenge , demon , Lilith , vampire , witch. Wednesday, December 31, Goddesses of the Witches. Some things I have been playing around with for various books. Didn't fit with anything I am working on now, but I don't want to go to waste.

Names of the Goddess The Goddess is known by many names, but each is but an aspect of the true goddess. In each case a possible or likely alignment is included as well as areas of domains for clerics and witch coven spells. Artemis Witches who worship the Artemis aspect of the Goddess are on good terms with druids. These witches are common in amazon societies. As a witch of Artemis a woman pledges never to copulate with a man. These witches are both chaste and celibate.

These witches may also choose to take the bow and arrow as their weapon. She is part of a trinity of Artemis maiden , Hestia mother , and Hecate crone. Her name and cult were derived from Babylonia, where as Ishtar, she represented the evening and morning stars and was accordingly androgynous in origin. Under Semitic influence, however, she became solely female, although retaining a trace of her original character by standing on equal footing with the male divinities. She represents the productive power of nature.

She is also a moon goddess. She represents wisdom in matters of life and war. Her worshippers are normally generals fighting just causes. The witches of this sect are usually on good terms with those of Artemis. They may choose the spear as their weapon. Nearly every Find Familiar spell known invokes her name. Witches of Bast, few as they are, live a cat-like life style. They prefer the comforts and leisure life that cats enjoy. Then spend long afternoons lying in the sun and enjoying the sensuous side of life.

Regardless, do not confuse leisure with laziness. Witches of Bast are dedicated fighters of evil, in particular the workings of the minions of Set. Witches of Bast may choose weapon mastry in one edged weapon at the loss of one feat. She is also the Goddess of Healing, Midwifery and Wisdom. She was raised on the milk creature of the other-world, a white, red-eared cow.

source link Brigit is one of the great Triple Goddesses of the Celtic people. Many legends are told about Brigit. Some say that there are three Brigits: one sister in charge of poetry and inspiration who invented the Ogham alphabet, one in charge of healing and midwifery, and the third in charge of the hearth fire, smithies and other crafts. This actually indicates the separate aspects of her Threefold nature and is a neat division of labor for a hard-working Goddess.

Her coven is known as the Daughters of the Flame. These lawful good witches keep a holy flame burning at all times. Part of a trinity of Brigit maiden and Danu mother , Morigann is the crone. Cardea is a capricious Goddess, often requiring her witches to memorize a section of poetry or building a center of learning in exchange for Her gifts of knowledge. Cardea is open to all who wish to seek her out, but she makes no guarantees that her knowledge will be helpful to the seeker.

She is the Goddess of the cauldron. Dagda is alternately mentioned as her son or father. She is fierce protector of home and hearth. She is part of a trinity of Brigit maiden , Danu mother , and Morigann crone. The great Greek Earth Goddess. She is the Goddess of grain and of the harvest. Her witch cults are among the oldest known. She goes down to the underworld to retrieve her daughter. During this time winter covers the land. She is the roman equivalent of the Greek Goddess of Artemis.

But unlike Artemis, the witches of Diana are not required to be chaste or celibate. In the celebration of Beletane the witch copulates with a druid priest in order to bring fertility back to the earth. Some have even become Tantric witches. Obviously these witches are on very good terms with Druids. Their religious practices are very similar to Druids and to that Artemis. The covens of Diana are often very old and very popular. The Amazon tradition is often known as the Cult of Diana because of their fervent devotion to the Goddess. No one is Her equal when it comes to healing.

Her worshipers are all healers, either clerical or as herbal healers. Her clerics and witches must never pick up a weapon in anger or vengeance.

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She is depicted as been a slight woman with reddish-blonde hair and blue eyes. Her arms are muscular. She commonly wears blue and red. Fires always light her temples and covens, which are known as centers of healing and succor. She is known for her patience. All her worshipers must take the healing and profession herbalist skills. It is she who is ultimately responsible for all life.

It is claimed that she emerged from darkness and mated with Uranus the Sky god and bore the twelve titans. She is the celestial cow who created the earth and the sun. As a cow goddess she ruled love, joy, merriment, music and dance. She nourished the living with her milk , suckling Pharaoh and all others. She is also known as the Goddess of love, music, song, and pleasure. In this aspect She has many followers among Lorelei and Tantric witches. She was one of the Egyptian gods that help guide the dead to the other side.

She is a Goddess that represents life, thus all her witches must be forces of life. While some celebrate life, like the Lorelei and Tantric witches, others actively pursue careers to destroy those that threaten or mock life, such as the followers of Set or undead. She is the daughter of the Titans Perses and Asteria. Unlike Artemis, who represented the moonlight and splendor of the night, Hecate represented its darkness and its terrors. On moonless nights she was believed to roam the earth with a pack of ghostly, howling dogs. She was the Goddess of sorcery and witchcraft and was especially worshiped by magicians and witches, who sacrificed black lambs and black dogs to her.

As Goddess of the crossroads, Hecate and her pack of dogs were believed to haunt these remote spots, which seemed evil and ghostly places to travelers. In art Hecate is often represented with either three bodies or three heads and with serpents entwined about her neck. Hecate was once a fairly benign goddess in early Greek times. She later became the dread Greco-Roman Goddess of ghosts, a close confidante of Persephone and a patron of witches. When Hades kidnapped Persephone in the later Greek myth, farseeing Hecate was the only one who witnessed it. Hecate was worshiped at three-way crossroads at night even by ordinary Greek families and could ward off ghosts if properly propitiated.

But Romans also believed She had more sinister worshipers; the witches and sorceresses who could coerce even the gods to do their will. The other half was that of a rotting corpse, green and black, or of a skull. She ruled the realm of Niflheim, a huge black canyon in icy mountains, where those who did not die gloriously in battle went when their span of life was up.

Niflheim was not burning but icy cold, filled with sleet, icy slush, cold mud and snow. Garm, the horrible hound whose breast was splattered with the blood of the dead, guarded the entrance. Her hall was called Damp-With-Sleet. Her bed was Sick-Bed, the stone at the entrance to her hall Drop-to-Destruction. So the Vikings described Her and Her home. Though the Vikings regarded her with horror, the common people worshiped her.

The Romans later called her Vesta. Hestia was said to preside over all sacrifices. As Vesta, the leaders of her cult were the Vestal Virgins these were six girls from ages six to ten who entered her college and stayed there for thirty years. Those breaking their vow of chastity were whipped to death or entombed. Her witches will be the older women who have completed their temple service. These polar opposites are common in many of the guises of the Goddess.

Holda is often depicted as riding a broom or a giant flying goose. She can appear as a kindly old mother, a small child wearing all white or a viscous hag-like monster. She is the goddess of spinning, vegetation and children. She is also a fertility goddess and her consort is known as the Wood Man. The Oskorei, or the Furious Horde, a legion of fallen heroes and others, who have died before their time, similar to the Wild Hunt of the Celts or the Valkeries of the Norse, follow her on her nightly rides. Both are the chief goddesses of their pathos, both are the goddesses of love, and therefore sexuality.

Also both are the goddesses of War, and therefore violence. Their witches tend to have mercurial, almost chaotic personalities. Anyway, glad you brought up the mother-lilith thing, enjoyed the film and liked the review! I watched parts of the film over and over looking for meaning in its ponderousness. Spooling back to the beginning, I watch a scene with Bruce and his grandmother.

I notice the staircase in the old woman's house is the exact same one used at the asylum to mount the stairs to Lilith's room. I suspect the same set was used for both, indicating a duality about Vincent's mental life and that of Lilith. Its not something you'd notice easily if you weren't going through it a second or third time. Later I saw the picture of Vincent's mother next to Lilith's after Lilith's crash. How did it get there? Also, when Vincent looks into Lilith's padded room after she's cracked, it now occurs to me that one of the nearly still pictures must have been Vincent's mother, not a slightly different look at Lilith as I had first thought.

One of the comments criticized Seberg's long hair. It had to be long for those two rubber room hairdos -Vincent's Mom and Lilith- to match up nearly perfectly. Vincent tried to get foregiveness from Lilith for turning the wooden box over to lilith's 'brother' Peter Fonda resulting in Fonda's suicide, after Fonda has just poured out his heart to Vincent his belief that Lilith is beginning to fall in love with him. I don't recall a scene with Lilith asking Vince to return the hand carved box to Fonda. But here's Vincent begging Lilith for forgiveness, when she's clearly the wrong one to forgive him.

Instead she turns on him, warming up to the idea of Vincent 'killing' her brother. The next thing you know Vincent has learned his conversation has led to a major setback for Lilith. His knowledge that HE is now the one needing help ends the film. I'll tell you, the movie is smudgey. You have to parse through its leaves repeatedly to see what was concealed beneath. I found this film amazing, I saw it for the first time the other day and can not seem to comprehennd the ending.

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Perhaps I just felt that he truely wanted to own her, insanity and all yet due to his blindness towards her extreme fragility underneath the protective shield She haunts me but confuses me too. I would appreciate if you could explain the ending to me because for some reason it struck me that he did kill her for the fact that he could not have her, because really he seemed so detached and had horribly misused her. It was a very lovely and beautiful movie because she was entrancing. I now want to find the book.

Lilith seems to still haunt people every time they discover it. Unfortunately, it has been 7 years since I watched it and I'd need to see it again to remind me how it ends! Post a Comment. The Film Walrus is a movie review blog with a particular love for foreign, cult, arthouse, gialli, SF and noir. Here the forgotten, the overlooked and the strange are given their due.

In addition to reviews you can find essays, discussions, lists, rants and screenshots. Check out the HOME page for more information. Welcome to the movie game. Press the button to display 2 things. Think of a movie that fits both. Film Walrus Reviews. Thursday, April 2, Review of Lilith.

His sensitive and non-judgmental attitude make him an effective and popular staff member, but trouble starts when he falls in love with Lilith, a beautiful and beguiling schizophrenia patient.

The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith
The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith
The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith
The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith
The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith
The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith
The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith
The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith The Origin of Vampires, 2012: The Rapture of Lilith

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