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It is becoming increasingly difficult to make the case for heavily armored systems in Latin America

Over colour photographs. By: Robinson, M. Tankograd British Special No.

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Illustrated with colour photographs. Green Series No. Including unit and tactical markings, individual names and insignia. Colour illustrations by Thierry Vallet.

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By: Suenkler, S. Dual English and German text. Publisher: Verlinden Publications: Military Photo File Paperback; very good in card covers. By: Valls, P. Publisher: AK Interactive: Arab rebel armies including: Peshmerga, Kurdish, and Daesh.

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Illustrated with colour photographs, and colour profiles. Useful guide for modellers showing the paint colours and camouflage schemes. By: Verlinden, F. By: Zaloga, S. Publisher: Concord Publications: Paperback; very good in lightly creased and faded card covers. Hardback; tape-marks to endpapers, otherwise very good in yellowed dustjacket.

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Army Tank Corps , returning all armored vehicles to the Cavalry and Infantry units, which also removed the new "Tank Corps" collar insignia from the service. On 10 July the U. This simple tank design had no decorations or other objects surrounding it, and was the insignia worn by U.

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Army personnel thru-out WWII. Army "Armor" branch collar insignia , which consists of the front view of a U.

M Pershing tank superimposed over two crossed swords, replaces the WWII collar insignia with the "Army Regorganization Act of , Section , Army Bulletin 9", in which the current Armor insignia became authorized to wear in February From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Armor disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Presumably, the use of armour extends back beyond historical records, when primitive warriors protected themselves with leather hides and helmets. In the 11th century bce , Chinese warriors wore armour made of five to seven layers of rhinoceros skin, and ox hides were similarly used by the Mongols in the 13th century ce.

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Fabric armour too has a long history, with thick, multilayered linen cuirasses armour covering the body from neck to waist worn by the Greek heavy infantry of the 5th century bce and quilted linen coats worn in northern India until the 19th century. The advantage of chain mail is that it is quite flexible yet relatively impervious to slashing strokes though a thrusting weapon can force the rings apart in spite of their riveted closure.

In the form of a simple shirt, mail was worn throughout the Roman Empire and beyond most of its frontiers, and mail formed the main armour of western Europe until the 14th century. In Europe strips of mail were also worn underneath plate armour to close any gaps left between the rigid plates. Mail shirts were worn in India and Persia until the 19th century, and the Japanese used mail to a limited extent from the 14th century, though the rings in Japanese mail were arranged in a variety of ways, producing a more open construction than that found in Europe.

Mail sleeves, leg harnesses, and hoods have also been worn. Ancient Greek infantry soldiers wore plate armour consisting of a cuirass , long greaves armour for the leg below the knee , and a deep helmet—all of bronze. The Roman legionary wore a cylindrical cuirass made of four to seven horizontal hoops of steel with openings at the front and back, where they were laced together. The cuirass was buckled to a throat piece that was in turn flanked by several vertical hoops protecting each shoulder.

Apart from helmets, armour made of large plates was probably unknown in western Europe during the Middle Ages.

Mail was the main defense of the body and limbs during the 12th and 13th centuries.

Modern American Armour Modern American Armour
Modern American Armour Modern American Armour
Modern American Armour Modern American Armour
Modern American Armour Modern American Armour
Modern American Armour Modern American Armour
Modern American Armour Modern American Armour
Modern American Armour Modern American Armour

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