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Know the signs, and how to help kids with the most common learning disability

Every classroom has students who find learning a little more challenging than others. But for some, the struggle extends beyond the basic comprehension of what's being taught.

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Students coping with dyslexia may find simple memorization or reading out loud to be difficult, or even impossible. As an educator, there are a number of ways you can provide assistance to your students challenged with dyslexia and lessen its impact on their success. Here are several teaching tips, tools and apps you can use to help level the playing field for your dyslexic students. Academized This tutoring resource offers help through online courses, e-library and videos, so students can get the information they're looking for in a variety of ways, depending on what way is best suited to their learning.

Plagiarism checkers can help students ensure they haven't lifted any ideas from another source. Big Assignments Editing and proofreading services can help dyslexic students identify the errors within their work before handing anything in for grading.

Dyslexia in Children: Parenting Matters

ClaroSpeak Excellent as both a basic text-to-speech app, as well as a text-in-image recognition tool, ClaroSpeak lets users save their documents as audio files to listen and learn anywhere. Easy Word Count When students need to stick within a certain word limit, this simple online tool can help keep them on track. Flashcards Deluxe Flashcards are great for students with dyslexia, but electronic flashcards are even better. That's because they've got the ability to read out loud the words contained on the cards.

Franklin Speller This children's speller and dictionary helps break down difficult words with their phonetic spelling correction, along with a list of confusable words and even an arithmetic tutor for those struggling with math. Naturally Speaking Voice recognition software makes is possible for students to dictate their work to the computer, letting them get their thoughts down without having to struggle with typing and spelling.

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  8. After they've finished with their work, this program can then read back what they've got down. NaturalReader The dedicated internet browser in NaturalReader takes just the text from websites, then turns them into easy to understand audio files.

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    This platform also allows users to paste text right into it, and get a text-to-speech readout. Keeble Keyboard This onscreen keyboard is equipped with accurate word prediction software that only increases in its abilities over time, as a student uses it more, lessening the instances of spelling errors and helping to make typing faster and easier.

    Why intervention is important, and where you can go to get help

    KNFB Reader It is at a much higher price point than most of its competitors, but there's just no comparison in the quality and accuracy of translation in image-to-speech reading that you'll get. Users can take a photo of the page they need read, and almost instantly they will start getting their text read to them. Pocket Online news can now be transferred from text-to-speech with Pocket, an online app that lets users collect news articles, then read or listen to them.

    Eight top tips for helping dyslexic children with reading

    Some dyslexic children find reading difficult because of the way the words appear on the page. This can be due to 'visual stress. As a result, they may not read for pleasure. This is why schools have a duty to identify and make appropriate provision for their special educational needs.

    A child with dyslexia can struggle to read written instructions, for example, explaining how to approach a homework or classroom task. Running through the instructions verbally can give them a better understanding of what they need to do.

    8 Tips to Help Your Dyslexic Child With Learning

    Listening to audiobooks not only gives children the chance to enjoy books that their peers are reading but that may be above their reading level, but also familiarises them with a wider range of vocabulary, sentence structure and content that will in turn benefit their own writing. Even if you think your child is far too loud to be read to, try to make time to read to them daily. There are a number of technology-based aids for children with dyslexia, for use at home and at school.

    These include programmes and games to help children learn, as well as support aids, including software that can photograph text onto devices and read it out loud. Start your trial for FREE today! Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. As a teacher, you most likely already have a print-rich environment in your classroom. We know that all teachers, whether they are new to the profession or seasoned veterans, continue to look for suggestions and tweak their skills so they are better able to help their students. The following suggestions may spark a new idea for your classroom.

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    The good news about honing one's teaching for individuals with dyslexia is that many of the strategies will be helpful to the typical learner as well. And, of importance, the strategies will be particularly helpful to any struggling readers and writers in your classroom.

    In addition to general recommendations, there are suggestions to promote phonological awareness skills, reading comprehension and fluency, vocabulary development, oral reading, comprehension of written directions, spelling, and writing.

    Help for Dyslexic Children Help for Dyslexic Children
    Help for Dyslexic Children Help for Dyslexic Children
    Help for Dyslexic Children Help for Dyslexic Children
    Help for Dyslexic Children Help for Dyslexic Children
    Help for Dyslexic Children Help for Dyslexic Children
    Help for Dyslexic Children Help for Dyslexic Children
    Help for Dyslexic Children Help for Dyslexic Children
    Help for Dyslexic Children Help for Dyslexic Children
    Help for Dyslexic Children

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