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Under the influence of Jordan's green power ring, the Blue Lanterns' rings are charged by Jordan's willpower and capable of combating Larfleeze's constructs.

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The constructs suddenly disappear as Larfleeze finds himself being attacked by the reanimated corpses of his Orange Lanterns, now members of the Black Lantern Corps. Jordan, Sinestro, Carol Ferris , and Indigo arrived on Odym during the conflict in order to recruit Saint Walker to help form a white light composed of the seven lights of the emotional spectrum that will defeat the Black Lantern Corps. Saint Walker, Ganthet, and Sayd join the team Jordan and Indigo have assembled, and accompanied them to recruit Larfleeze and Atrocitus.

Despite saving him from the Black Lanterns, Larfleeze resisted to join the group due to the nature of his power and an interest in obtaining his own Guardian. In order to secure his participation, Sayd offered him her servitude in return for his compliance.


Atrocitus was also unwilling to assist the team, attacking Jordan and Sinestro in his rage. To calm Atrocitus, Saint Walker showed him an illusion where he and a female of his species are happily being invited to the Blue Lantern Corps. When the illusion proves insufficient, Saint Walker convinced the Red Lantern to join them by relating the story of how his family died in an effort to save his world.

Atrocitus joined the group, and they headed off to Earth. While on Earth, and awaiting for Corps back-up, Ganthet activated a ring fail-safe to find nearby Deputy Lanterns. Post- Blackest Night , Saint Walker is seen blessing desecrated tombstones while Ganthet and Sayd are no longer guardians of the blue light. They have also appeared in the Blue Beetle series. At the end of Green Lantern 20 possible futures were shown of various Green Lantern characters.

The Blue Power Rings are unique amongst those of the other corps. Unlike those of the other Corps, the light constructs produced by a Blue Power Ring are created based off of the emotional and psychological state of their target, as opposed to what the wielder can imagine. The Blue Light of Hope has also been shown capable of great feats of healing and restoration, even to the extent of rejuvenating a dying sun, and giving new life to other Power Rings.

Blue Lantern Corps (New Earth)

As the Blue Power Rings draw their power from the collective Hope of the Universe, they have no need to re-charge using a Power Battery. Placing a Blue Power Ring on a Red Lantern's finger is the only known way to remove a Red Power Ring from its host without killing them, due to the fact that a Red Lantern's Ring essentially replaces their heart, and its removal through any other means would prove fatal. If however, the Red Lantern is also a member of another Corps, the introduction of the Blue Power Ring has the added effect of turning its new host into a "Composite Lantern".

The Composite Lantern, now wielding both their original Power Ring in addition to their Blue one, becomes a hybrid vessel for both their original power and those of the Blue Lanterns.

The only known example of this phenomenon occurred when Saint Walker gave Hal Jordan his ring in order to save him from the Red Light of Rage. While unable to remove the Blue Power Ring himself, it came off of its own accord when Hal achieved "What he hopes for". The Blue Light of Hope has but one weakness, one that Atrocitus is also aware of.

Hope is useless without the Willpower to enact it, and, as such, without an active member of the Green Lantern Corps nearby, a Blue Power Ring is rendered nearly powerless, left only with the powers common to all Lantern Corps members. The Blue Lantern Corps have a very unique recruitment process.

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Each Blue Lantern is chosen by the Blue Lantern of the preceding sector and brought before Ganthet and Sayd, to be evaluated. The evaluation consists passing on the teachings of the Corps, judging the initiate's character, and training the new recruit in all that they need know to spread the Blue Light of Hope. If, after three days they are deemed worthy the candidate is then inducted into the Blue Lantern Corps and begins the search anew for the next Blue Lantern.

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