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And All the Earth a Grave by C C MacApp Version 2

Apr 07, Sebastian Richards rated it liked it. Absolutely bizarre. Marketing taken to its final and quite hilarious conclusion Well narrated by Rosie9 16 mins. Jul 17, Pop Bop rated it it was ok Shelves: reviewed. His work mostly dates from the early 's. This brief piece describes what happens when the full force of advertising and media saturation is focused on the casket business. The humor is along the lines of ads that declare "the gift that lasts longer than a lifetime". It was interesting to me mostly because it really reflects the kind of humor that was considered edgy and outrageous in the 60's.

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It goes hand in hand with movies and other books that took satirical shots at Madison Avenue. This could easily have found a home in Playboy or Esquire or a similar magazine.

As such it turned out to be an interesting freebie and a perfectly pleasant and cheeky read. Death is sad but natural--it just hasn't ever had the proper sales pitch! This unusual tale is based around the American Casket industry launches a massive advertising campaign based in various types of caskets that they can offer. I would have liked to see a humerus character based around death pop up in it though.

As an audio book it was well narrated by Jerome Lawsen The audio book is free for download at LibriVox.

The Dead Are Dead Until the Rapture or Resurrection | Truth Or Tradition?

Mar 09, BC Batcheshire rated it liked it Shelves: sci-fi. Takes about fifteen to thirty minutes to read. Does what the tin says. Dec 18, Paul rated it liked it. Very amusing. Aman Mittal rated it liked it Oct 09, Sonny Ny rated it really liked it Jan 17, Ian Duvall rated it did not like it Jul 04, Caro rated it it was ok Jan 03, Pexa rated it really liked it Jan 17, Samantha rated it it was ok Jul 11, Monica rated it it was amazing Sep 23, Deepak Mehta rated it really liked it May 28, Andrea rated it really liked it Jun 06, Michael Lloyd-Billington rated it liked it Aug 08, Stacey rated it liked it Jul 04, Sharky rated it really liked it Jan 23, Kay Hawkins rated it liked it Jul 17, Godd rated it it was ok Nov 10, Kevin Myers rated it really liked it Feb 08, Jason rated it liked it Sep 18, Path rated it liked it Jul 18, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

And deep in the trench He waited for hours As he held to his rifle And prayed not to die. But the silence of night Was shattered by fire As the guns and grenades Blasted sharp through the air. One after another His comrades were slaughtered In the morgue of marines Alone, standing there. McLean issued this statement on his website:. I am proud of George Michael for standing up for life and sanity.

I am delighted that he chose a song of mine to express these feelings. We must remember that the Wizard is really a cowardly old man hiding behind a curtain with a loud microphone. It takes courage and a song to pull the curtain open and expose him. Good Luck George. I never met George Michael but I wish I had. We should remember what he did. First, the grave will not accidentally be exhumed. Second, headstones often contain information or tributes to deceased. This is a form of remembrance for loved ones; it can also be viewed as a form of immortality , especially in cases of famous people's graves.

Such monumental inscriptions may subsequently be useful to genealogists and family historians. In many cultures graves will be grouped, so the monuments make up a necropolis , a "city of the dead" paralleling the community of the living. In many cultures graves are marked with durable markers, or monuments , intended to help remind people of the buried person. An unmarked grave is a grave with no such memorial marker. Another sort of unmarked grave is a burial site with an anonymous marker, such as a simple cross ; boots, rifle and helmet; a sword and shield; a cairn of stones; or even a monument.

This may occur when identification of the deceased is impossible. Although many unidentified deceased are buried in potter's fields , some are memorialized, especially in smaller communities or in the case of deaths publicized by local media. Anonymous burials also happen in poorer or disadvantaged populations' communities in countries such as South Africa, where in the past the Non-white population was simply too poor to afford headstones.

At the cemetery in a small rural town of Harding, KwaZulu-Natal , many grave sites have no identification, and just have a border of stones which mark out the dimensions of the grave site itself. Many countries have buried an unidentified soldier or other member of the military in a prominent location as a form of respect for all unidentified war dead.

Many cultures practice anonymous burial as a norm, not an exception. In rare cases, a known person may be buried without identification, perhaps to avoid desecration of the corpse, grave robbing , or vandalism of the burial site. This may be particularly the case with infamous or notorious figures. In other cases, it may be to prevent the grave from becoming a tourist attraction or a destination of pilgrimage. Survivors may cause the deceased to be buried in a secret location or other unpublished place, or in a grave with a false name or no name at all on the marker.

Some burial sites at Forest Lawn, such as those of Humphrey Bogart , Mary Pickford and Michael Jackson , are secluded in private gated gardens or mausoleums with no public access. A number of tombs are also kept from the public eye. Forest Lawn's Court of Honor indicates that some of its crypts have plots which are reserved for individuals who may be "voted in" as "Immortals"; no amount of money can purchase a place. Photographs taken at Forest Lawn are not permitted to be published, and their information office usually refuses to reveal exactly where the remains of famous people are buried.

Some couples or groups of people such as a married couple or other family members may wish to be buried in the same plot. In some cases, the coffins or urns may simply be buried side by side. In others, one casket may be interred above another. If this is planned for in advance, the first casket may be buried more deeply than is the usual practice so that the second casket may be placed over it without disturbing the first.

In many states in Australia all graves are designated two or three depth depending of the water table for multiple burials, at the discretion of the burial rights holder, with each new interment atop the previous coffin separated by a thin layer of earth. As such all graves are dug to greater depth for the initial burial than the traditional six feet to facilitate this practice. Mass burial is the practice of burying multiple bodies in one location. Civilizations attempting genocide often employ mass burial for victims.

However, mass burial may in many cases be the only practical means of dealing with an overwhelming number of human remains, such as those resulting from a natural disaster , an act of terrorism , an epidemic , or an accident. This practice has become less common in the developed world with the advent of genetic testing , but even in the 21st century remains which are unidentifiable by current methods may be buried in a mass grave.

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Individuals who are buried at the expense of the local authorities and buried in potter's fields may be buried in mass graves. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was once believed to have been buried in such a manner, but today it is known that such burials were never allowed in Mozart's Vienna whose Magistrate refused to agree to the burial regulations decreed by Joseph II.

In some cases, the remains of unidentified individuals may be buried in mass graves in potter's fields, making exhumation and future identification troublesome for law enforcement. Naval ships sunk in combat are also considered mass graves by many countries. For example, U. Navy policy declares such wrecks a mass grave such as the USS Arizona Memorial and forbids the recovery of remains.

In lieu of recovery, divers or submersibles may leave a plaque dedicated to the memory of the ship or boat and its crew, and family members are invited to attend the ceremony. Sites of large former battlefields may also contain one or more mass graves. Douaumont ossuary is one such mass grave, and it contains the remains of , soldiers from both sides of the Battle of Verdun.

Catacombs also constitute a form of mass grave. Some catacombs, for example those in Rome , were designated as a communal burial place. Some, such as the catacombs of Paris , only became a mass grave when individual burials were relocated from cemeteries marked for demolition. Judaism does not generally allow multiple bodies in a grave. An exception to this is a grave in the military cemetery in Jerusalem, where there is a kever achim Hebrew , "grave of brothers" where two soldiers were killed together in a tank and are buried in one grave. As the bodies were so fused together with the metal of the tank that they could not be separately identified, they were buried in one grave along with parts of the tank.

There are several common alternatives to burial. In cremation the body of the deceased is burned in a special oven. Most of the body is burnt during the cremation process, leaving only a few pounds of bone fragments. Bodies of small children and infants often produce very little in the way of "ashes", as ashes are composed of bone, and young people have softer bones, largely cartilage. Often these fragments are processed ground into a fine powder, which has led to cremated remains being called ashes. In recent times, cremation has become a popular option in the western world.

There is far greater flexibility in dealing with the remains in cremation as opposed to the traditional burial. Some of the options include scattering the ashes at a place that was loved by the deceased or keeping the ashes at home. Ashes can also be buried underground or in a columbarium niche. A method with similar benefits is freeze-drying the corpse. Live burial sometimes occurs, in which individuals are buried while still alive.

Having no way of escaping interment, they die in place, typically by asphyxiation , dehydration , starvation , or exposure to climate. People may come to be buried alive in a number of different ways;. Writer Edgar Allan Poe wrote a number of stories and poems about premature burial, including a story called "The Premature Burial. Various expedients have been devised to prevent this event, including burying live telephones or telemetry sensors in graves. Historically, burial at cross-roads was the method of disposing of executed criminals and suicides.

Cross-roads form a crude cross shape and this may have given rise to the belief that these spots were selected as the next best burying-places to consecrated ground. Another possible explanation is that the ancient Teutonic Germanic ethnic groups often built their altars at the cross-roads, and since human sacrifices, especially of criminals, formed part of the ritual, these spots came to be regarded as execution grounds.

Hence after the introduction of Christianity , criminals and suicides were buried at the cross-roads during the night, in order to assimilate as far as possible their funeral to that of the pagans. An example of a cross-road execution-ground was the famous Tyburn in London , which stood on the spot where the Roman road to Edgware and beyond met the Roman road heading west out of London. Superstition also played a part in the selection of crossroads in the burial of suicides. Folk belief often held such individuals could rise as some form of undead such as a vampire and burying them at crossroads would inhibit their ability to find and wreak havoc on their living relations and former associates.

In addition to burying human remains, many human cultures also regularly bury animal remains. Pets and other animals of emotional significance are often ceremonially buried. Most families bury deceased pets on their own properties, mainly in a yard, with a shoe box or any other type of container served as a coffin. The ancient Egyptians are known to have mummified and buried cats , which they considered deities. Humans are not always the only species to bury their dead. Chimpanzees [ citation needed ] and elephants are known to throw leaves and branches over fallen members of their family groups.

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In a particularly odd case, an elephant which trampled a human mother and child buried its victims under a pile of leaves before disappearing into the bushes. Exhumation is the act of digging up, especially a corpse. This is most often done to relocate a body to a different burial spot. Families may make this decision to locate the deceased in a more pertinent or convenient place. In shared family burial sites e. In most jurisdictions a legal exhumation usually requires a court order or permission by the next of kin of the deceased. Also in many countries permits are required by some governing agency like the board of health in order to legally conduct a disinterment.

Exhumation of human remains occur for a number of reasons unrelated to the burial location, including identification of the deceased or as part of a criminal investigation. If an individual dies in suspicious circumstances, the police may request exhumation in order to determine the cause of death. Exhumations may also occur as part of grave robbing , or as an act of desecration to show disrespect. In rare, historical cases e.

Cemetery Relocation and Grave Migration in Modern Shanghai

Pope Formosus or Oliver Cromwell , a body may be exhumed for posthumous execution , dissection, or gibbeting. Notable individuals may be exhumed to answer historical questions. Many Ancient Egyptian mummies have been removed for study and public display. Exhumation enables archaeologists to search the remains to better understand human culture. In folklore and mythology, exhumation has also been frequently associated with the performance of rites to banish undead manifestations.

Remains may be exhumed in order to be reinterred at a more appropriate location for various reasons.

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  • Frequently, cultures have different sets of exhumation taboos. Occasionally these differences result in conflict, especially in cases where a culture with more lenient exhumation rules wishes to operate on the territory of a different culture. For example, United States construction companies have run into conflict with Native American groups that have wanted to preserve their burial grounds from disturbance. In Southern Chinese culture, graves are opened after a period of years.

    The bones are removed, cleaned, dried, and placed in a ceramic pot for reburial in Taiwan , or in a smaller coffin and to be reburied in another location in Vietnam. Failure to carry out this ritual is considered a failure of filial piety. Jewish law forbids the exhumation of a corpse. In England and Wales once the top of a coffin has been lowered below ground level in a burial if it raised again, say for example the grave sides are protruding and need further work, this is considered an exhumation and the Home Office are required to be notified and a full investigation undertaken.

    Therefore, grave diggers in England and Wales are particularly careful to ensure that grave sites are dug with plenty of room for the coffin to pass. Reinterment refers to the reburial of a corpse. Secondary burial is a burial, cremation, or inhumation that is dug into a pre-existing barrow or grave any time after its initial construction. It is often associated with the belief that there is a liminal phase between the time that a person dies and finally decays. Alternatives to burial variously show respect for the dead, accelerate decomposition and disposal, or prolong display of the remains.

    As the human population progresses, cultures and traditions change with it. Evolution is generally slow, sometimes more rapid.

    Where Is the Grave

    South Korea's funeral arrangements have drastically changed in the course of only two decades according to Chang-Won Park [29]. Around the s at home funeral ceremonies were the general norm, straying away from anywhere that was not a family home. This quickly resolved when a law was passed to allow the civilian population holding funerals in the mortuaries of hospitals. The lower class quickly followed suit, copying the newly set traditions of the upper classes.

    With this change, cremation also practice more as an alternative to traditional burials. Cremation was first introduced by Buddhism, and was quickly banned in

    And All the Earth a Grave And All the Earth a Grave
    And All the Earth a Grave And All the Earth a Grave
    And All the Earth a Grave And All the Earth a Grave
    And All the Earth a Grave And All the Earth a Grave
    And All the Earth a Grave And All the Earth a Grave
    And All the Earth a Grave And All the Earth a Grave
    And All the Earth a Grave And All the Earth a Grave

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